#1 in Real Estate Photography, Video & Virtual Tours in NYC

Real Estate Photography, Video & Virtual Tours in NYC

We are #1 in Real Estate Photography, Real Estate Videography, Virtual Tours and Aerial Images and Aerial Video in NYC.

Although Danzi Photography is located in Jersey City, NJ, we are proud to serve The Greater NYC Area including Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. We pride ourselves in providing the best in real estate photography and video services and we are recognized as one of the state’s top real estate photography and video agencies in The Greater New York City Area.

Our goal, when working with either real estate agencies, private sellers, or commercial property owners, is to provide you with end results that are the best we have to offer in an effort to help you market your home or business.

Each photograph and or video is carefully planned and meticulously processed to create an end result that showcases each property and piques the interest of potential buyers or renters. We will consult with you to gather all the information we need so that not one single detail is left out. We work closely with our customers to ensure the final product we deliver is the best it could be.

Here Are The Photography, Video, and Virtual Tour Services We Provide in The Greater NYC Area

Residential Real Estate Property Pricing

Residential Real Estate Photography

Whether it’s your primary residence or vacation getaway, our top priority is to provide our clients with the best images possible to assist them with selling, renting, or marketing their home, apartment, or condominium. We service clients in The Greater NYC area and do our best to work within your budget for your project. We work with the NYC’s top Real Estate agents as well as private homeowners.

Residential Real Estate Photography Pricing

Residential Real Estate Photography Portfolio

Commercial Real Estate Photography Pricing

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Whether it’s a restaurant, medical facility, salon or country club. Danzi Photography can help your business attract more customers through professional photography that helps you to stand out from your competition. We recognize that every type of business has different needs. We will meticulously work with you to capture exactly what separates your business from your competition.

Commercial Property Photography Pricing

Commercial Property Photography Portfolio

Real Estate Video Tour Pricing

Video Tours for Homes & Businesses

While photography does a great job of attracting a potential buyer to inquire about your residential or commercial property, high-quality, HD or 4k Video Walkthroughs can provide a stunning view and prospective images sometimes can’t relay. From planning, filming, editing, graphics, color correction, and audio – we have the experts to deliver HD or 4K video that really makes a difference.

Real Estate Videography Pricing

Real Estate Videography Portfolio

Aerial Drone Photography Prices

Aerial Photography for Residential & Commercial Properties

With the introduction of drone technology, homeowners and businesses are able to provide viewers with a perspective of their property or business that wasn’t possible just a few years ago. We meticulously consult with each and every client to plan exactly what we are trying to capture with our aerial photography. Our flight experts then take to the skies to capture stunning photography and then they work with our post-production team to bring out every color and detail in the image.

Aerial Photography Pricing

Aerial Photography Portfolio

Aerial Drone Video Prices

Aerial Videography for Residential & Commercial Properties

A walkthrough video tour is an excellent way to showcase a home or a business. Aerial drone video is a spectacular way to capture not only your home or businesses but the surrounding area as well. Aerial video captures an audience’s attention as few other mediums can. It provides breathtaking scenery while providing the true scope of what your listing has to offer. Leave the entire process in our hands. Filming, editing, graphics, and post-production. We are NYC’s ‘s #1 rated Aerial Videography agency.

Aerial Videography Pricing

Aerial Videography Portfolio

360 degree virtual walkthrough prices

Virtual Tours for Residential & Commercial Properties

Since Covid-19 has affected so much of the real estate industry virtual tours have become a must for online viewers. The image quality and technology have greatly improved and online viewers have become more accustomed to using virtual tours online. In fact, they expect a real estate listing to have a high-quality virtual tour so they can view the property or business without having to visit the actual site. We use the latest technology to capture and process the highest quality virtual tours in the industry.

Virtual Tour Pricing

Virtual Tour Portfolio